My name is Sholton Antonio Brenna, although I was born in South Africa, I am Italian, and I grew up in Liguria in a seaside village called Monterosso Al Mare as my family are from there and we all share a very proud history of being involved in the hospitality business dating back many generations.

I have extended this heritage right here in Cape Town. I am proud to introduce you to our simple yet authentic Ligurian Cuisine.

Liguria is a province (region) on the North West side of Italy which borders France, Piedmont and Tuscany. 

It is commonly known as the Italian Riviera and is home to beautiful places such as Portofino, The Cinque Terre, San Remo and its capital city Genoa where Christopher Columbus was born and where his father had a cheese stand before moving to Savona to open up a tavern.

It was from here that Columbus began to explore the seas and later discovered the Americas.

Liguria’s cuisine is most famous for its Pesto sauce and Focaccia, however, there are hundreds of different types of Ligurian dishes that are represented by small restaurants all over this beautiful region and, we are proud to bring some of these dishes to your table.
Our specials for the day or “signature” dishes are freshly prepared, and special attention is given to these delicious offerings.

The dishes offered on this menu are a balanced mix of good quality light eating authentic Ligurian style meals,which offers a modern age selection of pizzas, pasta, fish,chicken and even burgers (after all, Christopher Columbus did discover America).

Buon appetito e FORZA GENOA!!!!!!