Why it’s important for restaurants to use fresh ingredients

It is crucial for restaurants to serve dishes using fresh, regional ingredients. There are advantages to both the client and the local economy when doing this and the practice has recently attracted a lot of attention and respect from those in the know.

Using locally grown fresh ingredients improves the food’s overall quality and flavor. Ingredients from local sources are frequently gathered when they are at their freshest, guaranteeing that they maintain their best flavor, texture and nutritional content. Restaurants can produce more colourful, savory dishes that highlight the essence of the ingredient when they are fresh ensuring customers get a more enjoyable and memorable dining experience as a result.

Also, purchasing food from regional growers and farmers boosts the local economy and promotes a sense of community. When restaurants purchase locally, they help local farmers and artisans maintain their financial viability, allowing them to expand and keep producing high-quality products. This partnership fosters the development of regional agriculture and food systems, which benefits not only the farmer but also the community.

This in turn also benefits the environment. Restaurants can dramatically reduce their carbon footprint by shortening the distance the ingredient has to travel from the farm to the plate. Long-distance transportation uses a lot of fuel and increases global greenhouse gas emissions.

Restaurants using seasonal food are another benefit of using local ingredients and suppliers. Seasonal eating promotes a diverse and varied diet and harmonises with the cycles of nature. Products grown out of season use more energy and resources. Using seasonal products encourages a healthier and more environmentally friendly approach to a dish’s ingredients.

A trademark of authentic Ligurian dishes is using fresh local products and doing things in a traditional way. At Liguria, we stick to this ethos and we always use the freshest, locally sourced, seasonal ingredients for all our dishes all year round. This not only improves the quality of our dishes but the environment as a whole too.

A restaurant’s reliance on locally produced, fresh ingredients has benefits that go beyond food. It fosters a healthier and more sustainable food culture, strengthens ties within the community and supports the local economy.